Four: Van Galen Co.

Aster Van Galen

Aster had remained mostly unimpressed by the Mr. Hale, and rather curious about the cute blonde he called his wife. He wasn’t a homewrecker, but damn did he wish he was for that woman. She had beautiful blonde hair, and those eyes. Aster had to think about old saggy grandma’s to keep his little friend from coming to attention. Of course, Mr. Hale had noticed his interest in his wife and didn’t seem too pleased.

It was now 7:00 pm, and Mr. Hale was due for his business meeting which Aster was not looking forwards to. “Hello? Mr. Van Galen, are you here?” Mr. Hale asked, as he walked into Van Galen Company.

“I’m right here, Mr. Hale,” Aster said, stepping out of the new office. “Welcome to the company, Mr. Hale,” he said. He put on a fake smile, and toured the company with their new lawyer.

“This is a nice company you have, but when we met here a year ago you said I would was guaranteed a position at a prestigious company,” Mr. Hale said. And this was the part Aster was hoping to breeze over, and avoid entirely.

“My company is prestigious, and I never specified which company when we discussed it. In fact, when you approached me and asked about moving into the neighborhood I told you I didn’t mind having a lawyer around. I had just fired our friendly local lawyer and was in need of another lawyer. The neighborhood contract you signed has a clause written into it, and it states that you are permitted to live in our neighborhood as long as you work for Van Galen Co,” Aster said, rushing through it all.

05-25-20_1-27-43 PM

“What, how is that possible? I would have seen it,” Mr. Hale said, angrily. Aster chuckled, and shook his head. Mr. Hale had seen the clause, but it was never specifically discussed and amended. The details of his contract was now set in stone, and if Mr. Hale refused then Aster had every right to evict them.

“I am afraid, it was all written out for you and signed by you,” Aster said, shrugging.

“This can’t be legal,” Mr. Hale said.

05-25-20_1-29-21 PM

“It is legal. Newcrest, is a prestigious community and the residents all do their part for the community,” Aster said.

05-25-20_2-02-52 PM

“I can’t believe you,” Mr. Hale growled. Asters eyes darted to Jessie has he cleared his throat all the way down by the kitchen and Mr. Hale rolled his eyes.  “Do you know about this?” he demanded.05-25-20_2-05-09 PM

“Uh, it is written in your contract, dude. You should have discussed and looked into it, but nope you were too busy fooling around with your new bride. Should have done your homework,” Jessie said, walking up to them.

05-25-20_1-59-02 PM

“I’ll fight this, and hire my own lawyer,” Mr. Hale said. Aster narrowed his eyes, Jessie looked uncomfortable and Mr. Hale looked pissed. Then the anger melted off his face, and he laughed darkly.

“You can, but when you sue us you will be evicted from that house of yours. Your reputation will be ruined and eventually, your lovely wife will leave you for someone clearly better,” Aster said, laughing. Did he really think it would be that easy to walk away from his contract?

05-25-20_2-21-03 PM

“I doubt that, but I did some research on your company and wouldn’t you know? Your company is tied to Ms. Van Galen’s company. Imagine what a law suit would do to her company, plus I imagine some of her investors would withdraw her funding,” Mr. Hale said, and Aster snarled. Jessie glared at Matthew, and took a step forwards.

05-25-20_2-04-36 PM

“You bastard, leave her out of this! Aspen has no idea, and I swear if you do anything to hurt her I will make your life hell,” Jessie snapped. Aster raised his eyes at the usual joker of the company, and then his gaze shifted to Mr. Hale who was glaring back at them.

“If you sue my company or her company, then you won’t have a life at all. There’s no place you can hide that I won’t find you and when I do, you will wish you were dead,” Aster said, his voice was ice.

05-25-20_2-31-19 PM

2 thoughts on “Four: Van Galen Co.

  1. You’d think as a lawyer Mr Hale would be extra careful about his own contracts since he’s in the profession, but no, he got careless. 😃

    Oh so at least Jesse is serious about Aspen. It wasn’t made clear in the beginning except they were fooling around so this is nice to know.


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