Three: Power Struggle

Aspen Van Galen

Aspen looked at herself in the mirror, with her long hair pulled back and her make up done. It was just now turning 10:30, and she smiled as she heard her front door open and close down stairs.

04-29-20_6-17-28 AM

“Aspen, are you awake yet? I’m coming up,” Hana yelled from down stairs. Her stairs creaked as her best friend walked up, and then in another minute Hana was standing in the bathroom with Aspen. “Oh, Penny, you look like a sweetheart. I’m sure they will love you,” she said, smiling at Aspen.

“Thanks. I’ve been doing some thinking, and I think we should invite them out to drink with us. They’ve got to feel alone in that house of theirs without any friends to hang out with,” Aspen said, turning to look at Hana. Hana tilted her head as if she was thinking about it, and after a moment nodded her in agreement.

“Tomorrow is Tipsy Tuesday, and I’m sure they will be grateful for the invite. Not everyone gets invited to Rapture, but shit Penny, if inviting them to the most exclusive club in town doesn’t impress them then I don’t know what will,” Hana said. Aspen nodded, and then walked out of the bathroom to find Aster standing in the hallway.

05-06-20_6-04-20 AM

“Uh oh, what are you two planning now?” Aster asked.

“Would you mind terribly if we invited the new couple to Tipsy Tuesday?” Aspen asked, looking at her brother adoringly. She didn’t know why she even bothered with the ruse, because Aster never told her no. Aspen would always be the sweet sister, and Aster would always spoil her rotten.

05-06-20_6-03-24 AM

“Well alright,” Aster said, smiling back at her. A minute later, Hana’s phone buzzed as a picture of Elora appeared on the screen with a message under it.

“Elora is meeting us at my house in ten minutes, and it takes seven to get to my house from here,” Hana said. Aspen looped her arm through Hana’s, and the two of them walked back down the stairs with Aster following after them.

05-05-20_9-01-06 AM

“The casserole should be done when we get there. It only had fifteen minutes left on the timer, when I left to come get you,” she said. Aspen bobbed her head in agreement, as they all crammed into Hana’s little car.

05-06-20_5-54-05 AM

“Oh, I forgot to mention Dahlia will be joining us too,” Aster said, looking away.

“What?” Aspen hissed.

“Yeah,” Aster said, still not looking at Aspen.

“Why is the bitch joining us?” Aspen asked, glaring at her brother.

“I invited her,” Aster said, nonchalantly.

“Can we not have this fight in my car, please? It’s too small, and the tension is suffocating,” Hana said, elbowing Aspen in the ribs. Aspen grunted, and turned away from Aster, but she would have a nice little chat with her clearly delusional brother later. The tension melted away after a minute, and they pulled into Hana’s driveway a few minutes later, where Elora was sitting on the hood of her car holding the casserole in her hands.

“Oh my god, finally! I was beginning to think you left without me!” Elora said, pouting. “Oh, I left that casserole thing inside for you Hana,” she added.  Hana frowned, and Elora smiled cutely as she realized her mistake. “It’s a very nice casserole,” she said.

05-06-20_6-36-58 AM

Aspen laughed, because Elora was clearly trying to placate Hana. Hana huffed, and went inside real quick to grab the casserole for the neighbors. Hana was the chef out of the three of them, and she took offense if anyone said her cooking was anything but divine. In their company, Jewel Fashion and Catering, Hana did the catering while Aspen handled most of the fashion.

“Hi guys!” Dahlia said, running up to them.

05-06-20_7-33-12 AM

“Oh my god, what is she wearing? It looks like she just got through with a blow job,” Elora whispered.

05-06-20_7-33-50 AM

“She wasn’t invited,” Aspen said, through gritted teeth. Hana came out of the house holding her casserole, and shaking her head at Dahlia. Aspen watched quietly as Hana gave the casserole to Aster, and giggled as she gave him a pointed look.

“You can carry the casserole,” Hana said, and then walked up to the two of them. “You need to go,” Hana said, looking at Dahlia like she was a child.

“Bitch,” Aspen said, knocking . She couldn’t believe her brother had invited Dahlia, and she especially couldn’t believe that she dared to show her face. The five of them walked across the street and knocked on the door. The tension was so thick Aspen could cut it, but Dahlia didn’t seem to care.

“You should leave,” Hana said. Dahlia frowned, and glanced at Aster who just shrugged.

“I think I will stay,” Dahlia said, and then smiled brightly. Aspen was about to say something when a woman with blonde hair answered the door, and invited them into the house.

05-06-20_8-16-40 AM

“You must be the neighbors!” The woman exclaimed. Aspen was about to speak up, but that bitch beat her to it.

“Yes! I’m Dahlia Lou,” Dahlia said. Aspen’s fist clenched, and Hana frowned. She couldn’t stand the sight of Dahlia, not after she made out with Jessie when Dahlia knew he was off limits.05-06-20_8-18-46 AM

“It is quite lovely. I’m Aspen Van Galen, and this my brother Aster,” Aspen said, glancing back at Aster. She had to keep herself from smacking her brother, because he was eying the woman like she was a succulent feast. Did he have no shame? Even though they were twins, Aspen sometimes wondered if they were related at all with how he acted. If anything came of his behavior, it would likely make the casserole in his hands look more appetizing.

05-06-20_8-14-01 AM

“Oh? You are the two we’ve heard so much about?” The woman asked, then shook her head. This time both Aster and Aspen frowned at her comment. Had she already made friends? They had been in town for a day, and surely if they had connections Aspen would know if not for Aster.

05-06-20_8-33-33 AM

“Forgive me, I seemed to have forgotten my manners. My name is Emily Hale,” Emily said.

“Oh, it’s no problem. I’m Elora Hawkins by the way,” Elora said, with a shrug of her shoulders. Aspen had always thought that Elora was too nonchalant, but sometimes it worked for her, like it was right now.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you. I’m Hana Laurens,” Hana said, smoothly. “After all the unpacking you must be hungry,” she said.

05-06-20_8-20-10 AM

“Oh my! Is that green bean casserole I smell? It smells so heavenly, please come in!” Emily said.  Aspen laughed, she was surely in Hana’s good graces now. They all shuffled into their quaint little house, and Aspen had to admit it had a certain charm to it. Aster winked at Emily as he sauntered over, and put the casserole in the fridge for her. Finally, her brother went back to stand near the hallway where a young man stood a few feet away from him. “Matthew come and say hello!” Emily said, glancing at him. Aspen rolled her eyes as Emily’s eyes drifted to Aster who was doing his best to look cute. Aspen wasn’t fooled.

05-06-20_8-55-00 AM

“Mr. Van Galen, it’s so good to see you again,” Matthew said. She giggled, it wasn’t hard to hear the annoyance at Aster in Matthew’s voice.  Aspen turned to get a good look at him, and had to look away as a blush crept up her face. Matthew Hale was one of hell of a looker with dark hair and dark eyes. “I reckon it’s been a year and a half since I last saw you,” he said. Aspen watched as Matthew patted Aster’s shoulder, and Aster awkwardly removed his hand from his person.

“Indeed, considering that was the last time you were in town,” Aster said. It was hard not to see the concern on Matthew’s face and the contempt on Asters. Aspen’s brother was not a racist person, but he did like to be on top. The only person Aster didn’t look down on was Aspen, and even then it could be uncomfortable between them. Aspen was the communication and fashion queen. Aster was the king of business and management. The two of them had their fair share of arguments, and screaming matches, but more times than not Aster came over to mend the fences.

“Emily, I know you are new here. Rapture, one of my brothers clubs, has an event every Tuesday night. It’s called Tipsy Tuesday, and it’s invite only,” Aspen said. Aspen guessed Dahlia had already done the math, because the next thing she knew Dahlia’s mouth opened and poison came out.

05-06-20_9-03-04 AM

“And, I invite you to join me,” Dahlia said, before Aspen could say anything. She couldn’t help but to glare daggers at Dahlia and that overly smug smirk.

05-06-20_9-03-52 AM

One thought on “Three: Power Struggle

  1. There’s quite a lot brewing under the current for these sims. If Emily is a perceptive person, she must be feeling quite amused at the whole situation, or uncomfortable. 😶


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