Two: Women

Aster Van Galen

NSWF Warning

Aster stared at the beautiful woman in front of him, feeling an almost predatory grin spread across his face and took a slow step towards her. “Hello darling,” Aster said. The green eyed man locked eyes with the naked woman on his bed, waiting for him with an equally predatory grin on her face and took another step.

“Don’t be shy Aster,” Dahlia said. Laying on her back, her eyes closed as Aster closed the distance between them and felt her naked body underneath him. Her lips parted in pleasure, Asters mouth her neck and then her breast. Dalia gasped, feeling his deep rumbling laugh reverberate through them.

“You wicked woman,” Aster murmured into her neck. “If you are to be the death of me, then I go happily to my death,” he said. The truth of it was that Aster, himself, would also be the death of her. He couldn’t keep his hands off her for long even though he had other women, but she was different. Dahlia Lou was a temptress, and one that tempted him quite often.

“Stop teasing,” Dahlia growled lightly, biting Aster on the neck and causing him to gasp.

“As you wish,” Aster said.

04-24-20_8-24-31 AM04-24-20_8-28-56 AM

“Damn you, woman,” Aster growled. Every time Dahlia moved on him Aster felt like he was getting higher and higher. He gasped, his eyes half closed in pleasure as she moved  up and down on him. Maybe it was the drugs they took earlier that had them both ensnared in a sex crazed euphoria, but Aster moaned content to believe he was crazy good in bed.

“Want me to stop?” Dahlia asked, smirking at him. She was such a tease sometimes, especially when she knew he didn’t want her to stop.

“No,” Aster growled at her, playfully. One minute she was on him and the next he had flipped them over so she was on her stomach. “My turn,” he said, grinning at her.

“Where do you want me?” Dahlia asked. Aster smirked, and his answer to her was moving her around the bed. First, she was on her back, then she was on her stomach with him on top and finally she was at the edge of the bed.

04-24-20_8-26-18 AM

“Oh,” Dahlia said. He liked being in control in bed, but every now and then he could relinquish that control. Perhaps it was her desire to please him sexually that let him give control to her or perhaps it was something else entirely. All Aster knew was in this moment Dahlia was his and Aster was hers. “Don’t stop,” she murmured, as he looked down at her. Aster didn’t, he kept thrusting into her as she moaned and fidgeted as she grew closer to the finish.

“Not yet,” Aster said. He stopped thrusting as she pouted. This moment with her in his control was intoxicating, and empowering. He could control her pleasure, her pain and her body all at one time. Aster started to thrust into her again, slowly allowing them to both feel every inch of him. “Okay,” he said, finally.

“Now?” Dahlia asked.

“Now,” Aster agreed. They both finished as he thrust into her faster at first than slower into he slumped against her. Aster got off her, looking down at his now limp and soft dick with a satisfied grin. He could feel her eyes on him as he got dressed again, and then she scooted over to the other side of the bed where he was standing.

04-24-20_8-38-41 AM

“We should stop doing this,” Dahlia murmured, in his arms.

“We should,” Aster agreed. “But not today,” he said, looking at her soft lips. He almost pushed her back down on the bed for another go, but he didn’t think he could get back up for it. He sighed, and stepped away from her.

“Definitely not today,” Dahlia said, grinning. Aster chuckled, and shook his head. If only he hadn’t invited another woman to his bed tonight, then they could continue this conversation. As much as he enjoyed his time in bed with Dahlia, she wasn’t the only woman he craved nor the only woman who wanted to be with him.

“You should go,” Aster said, and then left the room.

04-24-20_8-35-56 AM

As he walked out of the room, he could hear Dahlia scramble to get her clothes back on and then her soft footsteps as he walked down the hallway. “But I don’t have to go,” Dahlia said.

“You do,” Aster said, not even looking back at her.

04-24-20_9-32-48 AM

Aster continued walking right into his little home office, and slammed the door shut before she could follow him in. It was easier when she didn’t pester him into letting her stay the night, but those times were far and few between. Finally after a minute of nothing, he heard her leave and slam his front door behind her. “Women,” Aster muttered, rolling his eyes.

Aster opened up the office door, and looked down the hall through a now quiet house. He would use this time to recharge before his bed was once again occupied.

3 thoughts on “Two: Women

  1. OH what I wasn’t expecting this at all. Aster’s definitely in character for sure. How’d he get to be ‘Head of Newcrest’? And I doubt Dahlia would come back again. That was one very clear way of showing someone you’re only interested in their body. 😓


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