One: Sunday Night Chat

Aspen Van Galen

Aspen had been anxious pacing through the halls of her house, wondering about the new couple in town. They had made such a big deal about asking her brother, Aster, for permission even though Aster didn’t really own the town.  It was smart to ask for permission, considering Aster could blacklist them for every club and restaurant in town, if he so pleased. Aster was the head of the Newcrest, and he knew everything that happened in town.  He was intimidating, and in control. She had very patiently waited in her brothers office while he spoke to the potential owner of the lot across town, even though it drove her mad to not be there too. Aster had insisted on meeting with them alone to ensure they weren’t a threat, and seeing her brothers logic she agreed. 

04-27-20_5-57-53 AM

Now finally after a year and a half of construction the house was done, and the couple was moving in today. Aspen had to stop herself from walking across town with Hana Laurens, who was Aspens best friend.  Her best friend conveniently lived right across from this new couple, and had even offered to scope them out first. Aspen had refused, and had spent many nights staring out Hana’s windows at the house over the year. She could hardly wait until tomorrow to finally meet them. Aspen and Hana would walk over tomorrow morning with a nice casserole. The casserole was Hana’s idea, she insisted it was the neighborly thing to do and agreed to bake it, since Aspen couldn’t cook. 

Getting tired of getting pacing through the halls, she went to her room and plopped down on her bed. Aspen pulled her phone out of her back pocket and dialed Hana’s number.

04-03-20_2-09-53 PM

“Hello dear,” Hana replied on the other end.

Aspen grinned as her best friends voice floated through the phone and she sighed, feeling better already. “Anything interesting?” Aspen asked. Maybe these newcomers were hideously ugly, but were filthy rich and could take them all on a cruise.

“I haven’t left the house all day, Penny. I’ve been binge watching Gossip Girl on Netflix,” Hana said. Penny was Hana’s favorite nickname for Aspen and had been for years now. “You know I just binge watch shows on Sundays,” she said, sighing. Sunday was Hana’s marathon TV days where she unwound after a week of drama, and dealing with clients. Aspen and Hana had met at University while studying Fashion together, the two of them now had their own brand. 

04-27-20_6-07-17 AM

“Yeah, my bad Hana, I just can’t stop wondering about the new couple,” Aspen said, frowning. She had promised Aster she would wait until tomorrow before going over to their house, which she was now beginning to regret. Did they really a whole day by themselves?

“I know, I caught a glimpse of them this morning when I made breakfast, but that’s all I’ve seen of them,” Hana said, sighing. “Do you know how intimidating it would be for everyone to show up at their house on their first day in the neighborhood? Aster was right to ask us to wait,” she said. Aspen sighed, and shook her head. Why did everyone agree with her brother?

“Oh my God, Hana, what do they look like?” Aspen said. Aspen had to restrain herself from going over to Hana’s house right now, she knew her friend enjoyed her quiet Sundays to herself and felt slightly guilty about calling her. “You have got to tell me!” She squealed.

04-27-20_6-51-38 AM

“Are you serious, dear?” Hana asked, rolling her eyes. “Well, the woman is pale with blonde hair and the man is dark with black or brown hair,” she said. Thinking of the dark haired men in her life she thought back to Aster, and blushed. Even though Aspen’s brother was seriously hot, he was like a walking STD. That man could not keep his dick in his pants to save his life. Hana had even slept with Aster a few times to scratch an itch, but it went no further than that. She had no desire to be Mrs. Hana Van Galen. 

“Interesting,” Aspen mused over the phone. “You don’t think this new girl is going to go after Jessie, do you?” Aspen asked. The idea of whoever this lady was trying to take Jessie from her made her blood boil.

“I wouldn’t think so, even if Jessie is downright gorgeous. She could always go for Xavier or Reese,” Hana said, hoping it calmed Aspen down.

“Yeah, they’re pretty cute. Just remember Jessie is mine, kay babe?” Aspen said. She had to bite her tongue to keep from saying anything else about it. Aspen and Jessie were by no means exclusive, but the idea of anyone else with him made her crazy. Out of all the men in town, Jessie was the only one who had warmed Aspen’s bed. He could be so infuriating one minute and a total romantic the next.  “Have you seen the newcomers at all?” she asked.

“Woah, down girl. You know I wouldn’t touch your man at least not without asking first,” Hana said. Sometimes she just wished those two would just get together or call it quits, because all this hot and cold nonsense was too much drama.  Hana remembered Dalia making out with Jessie once, and when Aspen found out it was far from pretty. Aspen had called Dahlia every name in the book, and had refused to even speak to her for months. The two were just now beginning to speak again. “Are you two ever going to make it official?” she asked Aspen.

“Me and Jessie? Are you serious? That man is so infuriating. Everything is a joke to him. Sometimes I want just him to listen and not make a joke what about what I’m saying,'” Aspen said, shaking her head. Jessie’s jokes were mean sometimes, and really hurt her feelings. It wasn’t too much to ask for him to just listen, was it? Jessie always made her laugh even though he was so lame and such a B list comedian.

“Penny, dear, you are drooling through the phone for some serious Jessie action. Go jump his bones and scratch that itch. I will keep an eye out for the new couple and let you know,” Hana said. She was about to say something else when there was a beep in her ear which made her roll her eyes. “Dahlia?” Hana asked. Dahlia knew better than to call Aspen after what happened between them. 

“Elora,” Aspen said, hitting the necessary buttons to patch her into the call. “Lory, babe, Hana was about to tell me about the newcomers,” she sang into the phone. Lory was another one of Hana’s nicknames for their little friend group.

04-27-20_6-43-02 AM

“Oh do tell, I am dying to know who these people are. I bet you are going crazy over there, Penny,” Elora said, grinning. She could hear Hana roll her eyes over the phone and cackled as Aspen giggled.

“No Lory, I was telling our dear Penny to go jump Jessie’s bones and stop drooling over the phone. It is not a good look on you dear, and Lory if you don’t agree I am poking holes in all your condoms,” Hana said, smirking.

“Jokes on you, Hana, I don’t use condoms! Good ole birth control does the trick for me,” Elora said. She twirled some of her dark hair around her finger and sighed as Aspen giggled while Hana just huffed. “Penny, if you are craving some Jessie action then please do us all a favor and go fuck him,” she said. Elora loved Aspen to death, but she could be down right cranky if she didn’t get her Jessie fix.

04-27-20_6-44-45 AM

“Thank you, Lory! I got to go get a new hot compress, talk later to you dears later,” Hana said, and then hung up.

“Fine, fine. See you tonight for Greys Anatomy!” Aspen said and then hung up. Dialing Jessie’s number and grinning as he picked up on the first ring.

“Sweat Pea, my dick was just thinking about you!” Jessie said.

“Dicks don’t think, Jessie,” Aspen said, rolling her eyes.

“My dick sings for you, my sweet pea. See you in ten minutes,” Jessie said. He ended the call and then grabbed a quick shower before driving over to his Aspen’s house.


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